2009 Ezzy Sail Now Available
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2009 Ezzy Sail Now Available

Darrel Wong photo of Graham Ezzy on the 2009 Wave Panther

2009 Ezzy Sails NOW AVAILABLE
Comments on the 2009 Wave Sails from David Ezzy

" We will have two wave lines for 2009.

1) Wave Panther
2) Freewave

1) 2009 Wave Panther

The Wave Panther is the hardcore wave sail. It has new cloth in the leech.
This cloth is made just for Ezzy. The yarns are 100% Technora. Technora is an
aramid, like Kevlar, but has much better UV and flexing durability than
Kevlar. The warp (longitudinal) has five yarns per inch, which gives it
extremely low stretch up the leech. The stretch in the warp direction is 40%
less than out regular Spectra X film. The X yarns are at 22 degree and are
spaced at 3/4" (the spectra X yarns are 1.5" apart on the old cloth). In
addition, the new cloth has much thinner film, 63 microns as compared to the
102 microns for the X film. The thinner film gives better UV life because it
does not get as brittle as thicker film. The UV testing we did showed the
new cloth to have about double the UV life. In addition, the new cloth is
about 25% lighter than our standard Spectra X film.

I`ve shortened the boom, especially on the bigger sizes and reduced the
leech hollow to keep the area the same. The 6.3 is about 7.0 cm shorter on
the boom and the 4.2 is about the same as last year. The 5.5 has about the
same boom length as last year`s 5.2, the new 5.2 is where the old 5.0 was,
the new 5.0 is at the old 4.7, etc. The shorter boom is nicer for wave
riding. The low end has not been effected.

The foot shape (depth at foot batten) is slightly less than last year. This
makes the sails flip easier and hasn`t hurt the low end.

The Wave Panther has lighter feel than the 2008 sail and is a bit more

The rigging is similar, except it doesn`t take quite as much outhaul. For
example, the 2008 4.7 had 10cm for the maximum outhaul, the Wave Panther has
8.5 cm. The minimum outhaul setting of both are still 6.0 cm.

Sizes: 2.9 to 6.9

The Wave Panther will come in three color combinations

Darrel Wong photo of Graham Ezzy on the 2009 Wave Panther

2) 2009 Freewave:

The Freewave is identical to the Panther except for:

1) #3 and #4 seams have less profile close to the mast.
2) It does not have the new Technora cloth.
3) slightly less reinforcement in the leech.

- The Freewave is made for intermediate sailors that want a flatter sail
that flips effortlessly. It is also a good freestyle sail.
- The Freewave sizes are: 3.7, 4.2, 4.7, 5.2, 5.8, 6.3
- The Freewave will come in four color combinations.

David Ezzy "

Look out for the updated 2009 Ezzy Freeride
  • Improved low-end power.
  • Better top end speed.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Better trimming guides.
The Ezzy Freeride has cracked the conundrum of how to achieve a sail with the speed, the power and the stability associated with cam sails but without using any cams at all. The deep, draft forward profile of the Freeride actually looks similar to a cammed sail, but instead of using the mechanics of a camber to put the shape into the sail, the Freeride shape comes from a refined technique of seam shaping.

Of course, now a sail easier to rig, and without the cams, the Freeride flips quicker in jibes. That, simply put, means a faster jibe.

The new 2009 Infinity will be released soon. It will also have the new Technora cloth.

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