2010 Ezzy Sails Now in Stock
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2010 Ezzy Sails Now in Stock

Whats new for 2010??

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2010 Wave Panther (2)
2010 Freeride (4)
2010 Infinity

Lighter Feel:
The 2010 sails have a lighter feel than the 2009 sails. This is noticeable while wave riding, jibing and basic sail handling.

New TriLite Cloth:
All sail lines utilize our new TriLite sail cloth. It is called TriLite because it consists of film, woven scrim, and X ply. A significant weight savings come from the Trilite`s thinner film; 37.5 microns, compared to 100 micron film used in our Spectra X ply. The woven scrim combined with the X ply provides excellent tear strength. The overall weight of the TriLite is 40% less than our Spectra X ply.

Improved durability:
We are using a stronger Dacron cover on the battens, which has improved scuff resistance when rigging on asphalt or gravel.

Mesh pocket in pad for downhaul line:
Makes rigging faster. After downhauling, just roll up your line and shove it in the mesh pocket.

New 9.5 Freeride:
We have added a 9.5 Freeride for super light wind sailing.

The 2010 mast and boom specs. are the same as 2009

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