2018 Ezzy Lion, Cheetah and Taka4 In Store Now
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2018 Ezzy Lion, Cheetah and Taka4 In Store Now

From David Ezzy.........

"The new sails all share similar performance characteristics because I made the same changes to all of them. A sail is a sail. What works for the Taka must also work for the Lion. But, of course modified to suit the discipline.

Funny thing is that I learned a lot from working on the Taka that I was able to apply to all of the other sails. That is, more draft forward above the boom and using the scrim luff panel to make the sails feel more “neutral” when sheeting out or hitting chop. I also modified the sleeve, which has made a big improvement too.

So improvements for the sails are:

1)      Cheetah: lighter feel, faster, more balanced.

2)      Lion: More stable, more draft forward, faster.

3)      Taka4: better balance, slightly better control.

The Zeta design is the same except for color, and we also introduced a 4.5 size to the line-up.

Full 2018 Cheetah Specs HERE

Full 2018 Lion Specs HERE

Full 2018 Taka4 Specs HERE

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