2018/2019 Christmas Trading Hours
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2018/2019 Christmas Trading Hours

We close on Sundays (Except open Sunday 23 December 11am -4pm) and Public Holidays.

Monday 17-Dec 10am -5pm
Tuesday 18-Dec 10am -5pm
Wednesday 19-Dec 10am -5pm
Thursday 20-Dec 10am -5pm
Friday 21-Dec 10am -5pm
Saturday 22-Dec 10am -5pm
Sunday 23-Dec 11am -4pm
Monday 24-Dec 10am -5pm
Tuesday 25-Dec CLOSED
Wednesday 26-Dec CLOSED
Thursday 27-Dec 10am -5pm
Friday 28-Dec 10am -5pm
Saturday 29-Dec 10am -5pm
Sunday 30-Dec CLOSED
Monday 31-Dec 10am -5pm
Tuesday 1-Jan CLOSED
Wednesday 2-Jan 10am -5pm
Thursday 3-Jan 10am -5pm
Friday 4-Jan 10am -5pm
Saturday 5-Jan 10am -5pm
Sunday 6-Jan CLOSED

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