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Aloha Bean Surfboard

The BEAN was created to give surfers an alternative to riding a regular Shortboard in small-to-medium size surf. In theory, the BEAN transfers all the performance elements of a Shortboard into a versatile, more compact design that's incredibly fast, responsive and above all a ton of fun! Appropriately named, the BEAN features a wider nose template that effectively distributes the volume forward on the board creating the perfect platform for immediate start-up acceleration and efficient paddling. While the BEAN retains the standard thickness and rail volume of a performance Shortboard, a lower entry rocker enhances speed, while moderate rocker through the tail maintains the boards overall maneuverability.Flip the BEAN over you'll find a shallow single-to-double concave with vee running out through the tail. The concaves enhance speed, response and bite, while the vee promotes easy rail-to-rail transitions and gives the board a frisk and lively feel. As a general rule you can ride the BEAN 3-to-6 inches shorter than your regular Shortboard, making it the ideal craft for surfing tight in the pocket. Extra width has also been added through the center of the BEAN to counteract the shorter length, this adds stability and produces speed on the face.The versatility of the BEAN is further enhanced with a tri-quad fin configuration allowing it to be set up as a thruster or a quad. Look out for the Carbon rail Epoxy Aloha Bean coming soon.

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