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The one moment that most advanced windsurfers typically name as theirmost memorable moment on a windsurf board is the first time they everplaned out of a jibe. In the history of our sport, there has never beena clearer step-by-step analysis of this maneuver available. The 12 StepJibe will help you grasp the logic of the jibe theory and it will buildyour confidence and understanding every step of the way.

World famous windsurfing guru Dasher helps you conquer thewaterstart with the world`s first video focusing solely on this elusiveand essential maneuver. Dasher has taught thousands of sailors towaterstart and his clear, entertaining style makes for a great video.

In this video, you`ll learn the three essential elements ofwaterstarting: positioning the rig and the sail, flying the sail, andmounting the board.

This video can not only help the beginning windsurfer transitionfrom uphauling to waterstarting, but contains many valuable tips forintermediate sailors looking to achieve a faster and more effortlesswaters

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