Ezzy Panther Elite
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Ezzy Panther Elite


The Panther Elite is a 4 batten wave sail.

Click Here for design details from David Ezzy

"Lighter, more controlable and nicer to sail than any 5 batten sail I have ever made."

Also has a new calibrated downhaul system to help people set their downhaul perfectly.

Ezzy Wave Panther Elite Specs

Size Sq.MLuffMin BoomMax BoomEzzy Mast Base/TopExtensionBattens
3.7361.5144149340/3706.5 cm4
4.2383.5151156370/37013.5 cm4
4.5393.0155160370/4008.0 cm4
4.7404.5159164370/40019.5 cm4
5.0418.0163168400/40018.0 cm4
5.3427.5170175400/40027.5 cm4

25.0 cm


David Ezzy Speaks about the new 4 batten wave sail called the "Panther Elite" from Ezzy Sails on Vimeo.

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