Ezzy Panther Limited Wave Sail In Store Now
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Ezzy Panther Limited Wave Sail In Store Now

The sail is extremely light and performs beautifully... and it is really stunning on the water.

The Panther Limited is the finest sail that David Ezzy has ever produced! It is truly the Lamborghini Reventonof of windsurfing sails.

Comments from Ezzy Team Rider Kevin Pritchard:

"Just wanted to touch base with you guys about the new Panther Limited. For me the new Wave Panther Limited has an enormous wind range in the sails. I feel with the shape built into the sails it allows you to have a ton of range on the outhaul making making the control one of the most amazing features on the sail. While David runs quite a bit of outhaul in his sails for his preferred rigging technique, the sails also work great with a bit less outhaul as well. Graham and I seem to use the minimum outhaul setting with still having the option of really out hauling it to maximum setting to give it an amazing wind range.

The other feeling I have had with the new Panthers is the lightness in the hands. I love the way when I am on the wave, it gives me a surfing sensation of having nothing in the hands pulling me around.

Other cool new features around the tack is the new measuring tool on the tack strap. Sounds like nothing but it is pretty cool to check the settings against what is printed on the sail, but also nice feature when you find the ideal settings, to make a note of it right on the inside of the base pad. Now once you get the ideal setting you write it in the provided space. You also no longer need to carry around a tape measure to check your settings, it is all right there built into the sails. Pretty cool.

The sail colors are cool as well. They are new, unique, and look great without sacrificing performance. I love that about the new material is that it gives a fresh new look with out making some crazy seams that mean actually nothing and take away from the sails.

Everything on the new Panthers is on there for a reason and spared no expense with the quality. The performance and durability of these sails are second to none."

Kevin Pritchard


Click here for more info on the Panther Limited

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