Ezzy Sails 2020 Hydra Sport
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Ezzy Sails 2020 Hydra Sport

As windsurf foiling becomes more popular around the world, we are seeing two distinct groups of foilers:

1) Performance driven foilers who want a 100% foiling sail, and
2) Recreational foilers who want a sail that will work for both foiling and finning.

As a result, David Ezzy has split the Hydra into two distinct sail lines:

1) Hydra Pro, for hard-core foilers.
2) Hydra Sport, for windsurfers who want to foil with a more traditional sail.

Hydra Sport has the following features:

1) Crossover foil/freeride sail.
2) Very light weight.
3) Optimum foot batten length for performance whether on the foil or on the fin.
4) 3/4 batten to enable easy depowering while on the foil and in transitions.
3) Strong construction.

The Hydra Sport is available now, see full specs of the Hydra Sport HERE

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