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Red Bull Storm Chase DVD

After several false alerts - green light was given for Oct. 31st 2006 andNov 1st 2006: More than 50 cameras were set, more than 100 people split upin 11 teams were ready...jetskis, helmet cams, even a helicopter - theywere all ready...this was the moment when the furious Atlantic lowcalled "Britta" snarled with up to 70kn towards the 24 windsurfers in 9Northern European countries. They were ready to face the most extremewindsurfing show ever - the battle of the year: the Red Bull StormChase!

More than 50 cameras were set up, to capture spectacular windsurfingaction at the very limit. A unique mission for everybody involved. Thismovie follows the local heroes on their cross European mission,searching for the perfect spot and challenging Mother Nature on theirlocal spots. The movie gives a view behind the scenes and into awindsurfer`s heart full of passion. One storm, nine countries, 24windsurfers - you will experience the most extreme windsurfing showever - are you ready?

Running times: Movie 50 minutes, bonus section 80 minutes, bonussection-additiomnal storms spots, making of, action stills, musicsection and much more.

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